I am a 14 year old teenager. Heres my encounter with a alien...

This is 666% real and not cliché.

1 day I walked out my house without saying bye to my parents, savage. But then I saw a ufo, it was crazy! It was made of titanium-burgersuicide-rock (Don't ask me how I know i'm not making it up.) It was shaped like a gigantic cock and balls. Its dick pointed at me and I flew up into the spasm-shit. The aliens looked like your mother and they anal probed me. I ran off and saw Mutahar on the ship and Bubba. I rescued them and a skeleton with a hyper realistic sponge came after me. I escaped and Bubba went missing. Mutahar explored the deep web after calling the military and got arrested. It still haunts me 2 this day.

Dont look at dick-like UFOs. Even if they are in the corner of your eye...

Even if they say they have free fidget spinners made of diamonds.

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