greeting punch guy ,,

today i ask you how did i get scared and why ??

first, i start with my (tropsic0) ,, one day i was get some team fortress 2 (its game in my country very nice)

i look on BOX! it say this :

" team f0rtr3zz too pack@gge "

first i try take name norttkorean12 in stem, it was take so i try change it to norts_son_12

i make bakespece the word norts_son_12 until it look same this norts12-- so i ad ical it become word nortonkorea12

BUT I WAS MIS TAKE !! i make bakespece but rly until norts-- so i ad ical it become norton12

den SPOOKIES TING HAPPEN !! my game teem f0rt3zz 2 get delete ,, it super skarey worse ting in my life - stem profil pictoor chenge in 2 super-skarey-n-hyper-reelistic-pictoor!111!!11

that how creepypasta work

how did your creepypasta get made?

thanks ,, wika contribooty-or

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