Why am I wasting my time one this

It normal day like any other. I sit and watch the Telli on Cartoon Network. The guy say the show UnclePaPa on next. As I jump for joy, the episode start. But when song start play, it start glitching, Then go black. When episode start, I tell something wrong. When screen come on, the man in the gay German outfit is sitting towards camera with head other way. The man is always weird like so this normal. But when he turn head around, his eyes red like the human blood. It go on like this for 5 mins (yes i time) and he then stands up, pulls down pants, and pulls a knife from his anoos. He then overcuts Pizza Steve, and his glasses brake with the poopy brown stabby thingy. He then skin Gus alive with the said knife, he then stares at camera again, with pizza man and lizard guy dying slowely by side of him. Then camera zoom in of the UncleMcCuntBag. He says to me: "You're a stupid nigger you hot piece of garbage." Then he kill self while kill belly bag (penis cover) at same time. Then scene of everyone died on floor. I scream and mamaa come in to see what wrong, but what I look at her: it Daddy'sbrotherDaddy'sdad. The he kill me. I right this as ghost, and this is final message, Don't watch the gay german man or you die. OK good bye.

Hi, this was (clearly) meant to be shit. If you made it this far: then you're clearly lost a couple of brain cells. Now, go read a book. ~ PelicanLord15

Mansly the door man