HELLO, my gamertag is darkninjakiller69 and i have some reel spooky shit to tell u. and i like to play minecraft but not this time because this time minecraft was spooky. me and my brother was building some shit on minecraft when a guy i didnt know entered, this was really scary because i didnt know a guy that entered. the guy killed us and called us a bitch, and me and my brother screamed because we were really mad and then milk started coming out of the screen. this was spooky because milk doesnt usually started coming out of the screen. and then me and my brother saw a white gost come into are room and i told him to get the fuck out of the room because we are playing minecraft, bitch. my tv turned off and then wee gots really scared. and then the gost went away. the next day me and my brother bitch gots to play some minecraft for the exbox4. my brothers house was on fire bitch, we gots really scared again because are house does not was on fire before. we screamed and our mom told us to shut the fuck up bitch and then the gost came back, but this time he had blood on him and he was holding our exbox4 bitch so we gots scared because we dont have an exbox4 and then he grabbed my brothers liver out of his arm and my brother died so then the gost and then the spooky evil gost made an evil laugh and they were never seen again, bitch. and the gost took the exbox4.

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