Welcome to the Shitpastas Wiki. It is vulnerable to vandals.Edit

This wiki is about finding shitty creepypastas and placing it here with less info than the trollpasta wiki does. this includes no reviews and a unrelative ranting to go with it.

Shitpasta of the second.Edit

The shitpasta with such a scary title that I can't ever say it or a skeleton comes out and eats you then shouts "Vore!" then Papa Roach - Last Resort plays in your ears then the skeleton dies so you escape but then a alien appears and spooks you so you die and then you are clinically dead but your not clinically dead because doctors saved you but those doctors read this title and went insane and killed you but you didnt die because it was just a dream but then a car crashes into your house while having a dildo attached to the front and rams it into your arse at 666mph but a skeleton drives it. But then you wake up because its a dream in a dream. You have a feeling that ghosts are in your fapro-bedroom so you jackoff but then Jeff the Jerker chops it off and you wake up again. Did I mention this is the title?

Im not registered. :)

Credit to a random 14 year old. 2017 5 22.

Latest activityEdit

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