Based On A True Story...

Have you ever experienced death of a loved one? I'm pretty sure all of us have, well some people will experience it later in life. Let me tell you about that one unfortunate incident, that scarred me for life.

It was a beautiful satuday morning. I had just woken up to do my morning routine before heading over to school. I was my graduaation day, so Iwas very happy to finaly get the fuck out of school, away from those fake people, who only care about themselfes. Anyway, I was finaly in my bathroom. I don't remember what Iwas doing, but the next thing that happened scarred me for life: My phone (who's always in my right hand, Yes, also while I'm in the bathroom doing my business) desided to go for a short morning swimming into the toilet. I only got few nanoseconds to realize wtf just happened. So, I was slowly taking my phone away from the toilet, thank god there was no shit, pee or anything else in the bottom. I dried my phone with a towel, washed my hands, walked out of the bathroom, my phone in my hand. I took the battery away (whch I did drywith a towel while Iwas in my bathroom, duh), put it back in and tried to open my phone - no responding. I fucked up my whole morning routine while trying to fix my phone, my lover, my Senpai, who had all my social medias, bank accounts, phone numbers 6 all the other shit inside it (Ofc I DON'T USE paper calenders cause ffs it's 2017). I couldn't believe that my Senpai was literally in coma (iT COULD EITHER STOP WORKING FOREVER OR START WORKING AGAIN). I trieed to open it couple more times, until I really hadded to go to school. I left my phone at home, took out all the SiM CARDS AND THE BATTERY, SO IT WOULDN'T START WORKING WITHOUT MY PERMISSION!!!!!

While I was at school, I started thinking about all the sad love songs I ever knew existed that I could sing to my phone while it would slowly kill itself, in front of me. I couldn't focus on anything that happened that day, I just wanted my Senpai back. When I finally got back home, I immedialy started fixing my phone again. I wasn't lost all my hope yet. I tried to open my phone couple more times, until I started thinking about bying that Iphone 7, that all my friends had, the newest Iphone that had just camed out. But deep incide I wanted my Lover to work. About thousandandthree opening times later, I had finaly given up. I realized that I didn't got any money to buy new phone, which means that I hadded to be without phone a while.. Because I didn't hav e any money, I couldn't go to get my Senpai fixed, also my parents would be fucking mad at me, cause I promised them that I won't be breaking any more phones. I still remember how I was sitting in my bed, looking at my dead phone, while tears were falling on my cheeks. It felt like the bed was sucking me & my Senpai inside itself. It felt like dying, like everything was falling apart.. I started to feel like my whole existence was just disappearing.. I imagined me & any my Phone, my LOver, My Senpai, My partner in a field full of roses, spinning around a circle full of another phones, happily, forever, together...

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