Totally real news report: Woman found brutally mutilated at computer.

A family friend went to visit Chara Roberts, but was horrified to find her mutilated disembodied corpse at her own computer desk

"I...I knocked on the door several times, but no one answered. I turned the doorknob and it was unlocked.. I...I looked everywhere around the house but I couldn't find her ...but then I walked to her room...and...oh god-" - Arin Reynolds, family friend of the Roberts_

SansationalSkelebro: Yo dude you NEED to play this game

arachnidsGrip: Like the new username man. 

arachnidsGrip: Also what game is it?

SansationalSkelebro: It's called Undertale

arachnidsGrip: I've heard of that game!

arachnidsGrip: Isn't that the one made by the guy that did music for Homestuck?

SansationalSkelebro: Yup

SansationalSkelebro: It's 10 dollars on Steam

arachnidsGrip: Woah wait 10 bucks!?

arachnidsGrip: I don't even have like 9 bucks man, I just got finished Christmas shopping!

SansationalSkelebro: Then just download a cracked version dude

arachnidsGrip:  sigh   Welp I guess it's that or nothing then.

arachnidsGrip: Gotta go, I gotta get up early for school.

arachnidsGrip: Bye!

arachnidsGrip left the conversation 

SansationalSkelebro: Bye man

SansationalSkelebro left the conversation

"Almooossstttttt downloadeeeeeed" I said, excited to finally play the game all my friends were obsessing over.

timeskip brought to you by kawaii sugoi desu ne animu lol xD

"What the actual-"

Mettaton transformed into Mettaton EX like he was supposed to, but before the battle could start the game crashed, it had been doing this for over 5 minutes . Suddenly a new file was added to the games folder, it was an .EXE file


I double clicked the file and the game opened with the usual intro, except the story text had Mettaton 's talking sound (whatever it's called lol) After the intro ended, the usual title sound played, except instead of 'UNDERTALE' it said 'METTATALE™'. I pressed enter and I was abruptly taken to what appeared to be the Mettaton EX boss battle at first glance. But then I looked at Mettaton EX and saw his eyes were completely black, with red pupils and hyper realistic blood dripping from them. The heart on his chest was cracked, and he had large, sharp toothed smile that stretched from ear to ear, hyper realistic blood dripping from his mouth. He was also holding a knife. "Holy fuck what-" 'I know what you did, Darling' "what..." I muttered to myself 'You know 'what', Chara . You know what you did'  did it back to me? "What the hell !? How do you know my real name!?" I was pretty sure I named my character 'Koda N.', not my real name. Mettaton EX laughed a horrifying, hyper realistic, distorted laugh 'You killed her.' oh fuck, I remember now. I accidentally killed Toriel ! "I-Im sorry????!?" 'Sorry won't bring her back, Darling!' 

*Smells like Death.

I chose ACT, but the only option was cry. I chose it anyway

*Crying is against the rules

Mettaton EX slashed the knife around three times, lowering my character 's HP to 0

Suddenly the screen went black, like the whole screen went black, but I wasn't on full screen. Suddenly it went back to normal, but Mettaton EX's hands were covered in hyper realistic blood, same went for the knife, and my characters head! 'This wasn't just Koda's doing, it's yours, the players doing! Say goodbye chara darling!' 

Suddenly Mettaton EX climbed out of my computer screen. 

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