My name is Sam, I'm 20 years old, I will tell you the story of a child by the name of Matthew, It all started in 2016, He was 11 years old, He drowned in a lake in Portsmouth. Somebody got his DNA and made him reborn into a Computer Virus. His memories were erased and he was sent to kill friends, Justin, Noah, and Dylan. Justin woke up lost in a Forest, 1:00 AM, He was cold and tried to get back home, He saw a bunch of dead animals, And he ran, Then he finally saw Matthew. He slowly walked up to him and he heard static noises and they got louder, Matthew turned into a Lime Green color and his eyes flashed red. Justin passed out and fell asleep, Matthew.EXE whispered in his ear, "HELLO, DO YOU WANT TO PLAY WITH ME?" Justin woke up again, This time at Tennessee, 1:30 AM, Everything was on fire there and Justin started crying, Begging to go home, Matthew.EXE laughed and flashed around Justin, Then he was behind Justin, Ready to kill him, As soon he was about to kill Justin, Justin tripped and cried even more. Matthew.EXE disappeared and left Justin alone for a minute, Then Justin turned around and saw Matthew.EXE and Matthew.EXE said "I WILL EAT YOUR HEART..." Then ripped Justin's heart out and made his 1st slave. Matthew.EXE said "YOURE TOO SLOW, WANT TO TRY AGAIN?" Justin's soul was silent, And Matthew.EXE said "NO?...THEN ROT IN HELL....." And Matthew.EXE went for his next victim, Noah. Noah woke up inside a locked theater, 3:00 AM, He walked into a dark hallway and he heard Static 3 times, Lights went on and People's corpses flashed in, and Noah got scared, He runned down the Bright hallway, And Matthew.EXE appeared and said to Noah, "FOUND YOU." And Noah tried punching Matthew.EXE but Matthew.EXE kept vanishing, then Matthew.EXE pushed Noah to the ground. And Noah was crying, Matthew.EXE said "YOU WILL DIE IN MY HANDS!" And ripped Noah's intestines out, Making Noah his 2nd slave, Matthew.EXE said "SO MANY SOULS TO PLAY WITH, SO LITTLE TIME, WOULD YOU AGREE?" Noah's soul was silent too, Then Matthew.EXE said "NO? THEN YOULL ROT IN HELL WITH HIM..." And Matthew.EXE went for his 3rd victim, Dylan, Dylan woke up in his bedroom, 5:00 AM, He went to the living room, The couch was on fire, and Blood was splat all over the walls, He entered the basement, The walls changed into a gray color and blue fire was around the gray walls, Dylan was sweating in terror, When he was in the basement, He heard Matthew.EXE laugh and everything was pitch black, Dylan tried getting out but the Doors were locked and Dylan saw a note, and it said, "Turn around...". And Dylan did, He saw Matthew.EXE and Dylan gasps in fear, 10 seconds later, Matthew.EXE grabs Dylan and yells out, "I AM GOD!!" And ripped Dylan's Head off. Dylan was now Matthew.EXE's 3rd Slave, He is looking for more slaves, And that's the story of Matthew. And If you didn't know, He is knocking on my door, And he's saying, "READY FOR ROUND 2 SAM?" He knows my name! Well shit, I think I'll be his 4th slave... 助けて......

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