Any 80s person should know about Knight Rider: the show about a man called Michael Knight, that fights crime with his futuristic car KITT. The show was good... and every good thing has to end. But did you know, that there is a cancelled reboot in the form of a crossover?

I went in a high school trip to Orlando, and one of the days we went to the Universal Theme Park. As many people know, the park used to be the studios of the company. Well, i got out of my group, amd i tried to go to the Back to The Future ride.... But i ended lost (since it was my first time there, and i couldn't pick a map before, due to the teacher's over-protection). I ended finding a secret entrance, and because of curiosity, i went inside: it was an old archive record of the original place. While looking at everything i found something interesting: A Knight Rider DVD featuring an "epic" crossover with the A-Team. I was curious, since i loved both shows, and i wanted to see how it was. I put it on my bag and i went off the place making sure that no one was seeing me. Luckly, when i was very apart of the entrance, a women gave me her map, and then i found my partners at the final ride of our plan for that day.

While everyone was sleeping, i decided to use the VHS that was in my room, and i made sure to make some safety tips for not get in problems: turn very low the sound and the shine of the screen, active subtitles and having the tv controller on my hand (in case of something weird happening while watching it).

The episode started with the Knight Rider intro, but it looked like a remaked version with new things added: i noticed that Michael Knight was being portrayed by Tom Cruise, and apart of introducing him and KITT, the narrator also talked about the A-Team. The A-Team was portrayed by the original actors, except for Hannibal, that was portrayed by Adam West, since the original actor already died. I paused it a bit since i remembered that i didn't saw the information at the back, and it was very surprising:

"From Josh Whedon, who made some episodes from Buffy The Vampire Hunter, comes this remake that mixes two great shows from the eighties in one place! But apart your kids, since this will be for mature fans, in the style of the mentioned Buffy show. More action, violence and adult content will appear here, while we see the eñic clash between the two legends!"

This intrigged me: an adult version of two shows that are aimed by all ages?? Yeah, Rem and Stimpy did this too, but it ended being bad.


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