Once upon a time I was driving along an interstate in the middle of United State. I forgot whcich state it was but it was pretty scary ,, with dense trees on both sides of thu road. I have my brights on and was just driving on the interstate, a bit scared, but I was in my car... so i assumed i was safe. that was, until I saw something reflecting off of my head lights in the distance far away. I begin to get scared. Over time ,s lowly, the object got bigger and biger and eventualy I Realized it to be a person. As I got closer still I began to see details, he was wearing an old suit,average height,white hair, glasses, and looked pretty old.I felt as if i recognized him but i couldnt put my finger on it. Befor I new it he stuck out his thumb and I slammed on my breaks. the car came to a screeshing stop and then the man came into my car. It was Alex Trebek. "Where R u headed? I asked him" "To my apartment," he said to me. So i drove down the interstate and saw a building in the distance ,it was medium sized and trebek told me that was it. It was only a few miles form where i FOund him. I stopped i nfront of it and it was a shitty motel, with a few rundown rooms and a blinking neon sigh, then alex told me thank you.. I asked for his autograph and he justwalked away to his room, ighoring me. I sigh and then drive away, back on the foresty interstate.

i drove for another hour or two then I saw a note onmy dashboard. It says"Look in the glove box." Im too scared to look in there, did he put a bomb, gun,signature. I dont know what to do guys but im so scared. I call cops but they did nothing, so Im stumped.

By the way thank alex for letting me pick u up. It was pretty cool

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