One day i was playing super Smash Bros for Wii U until my dog had something in its mouth. aIt looked like a super famicon cardridge so i gently took it out of his mouth. It had a picture of Ness and Kirby hi fiving and the title was japanese and there was english underneath th japanese text that said to Ness And Kirby Big Adventure. I decided to put it in my super famicon witch i bought online of course. Then there was the normal logos and all then it showed the static thing from the opening from Earthbound. It showed Gygig strikes back becuse this game is japanese The title screen showed Kirby And Ness just standing with apanese text above them. I press start and there was a naming option. I decided to choose i dont care becuse i dont know japanese. It was the same as earthbound expect with only Ness,Kirby,MetaKnight,WaddleDee, and King DeeDee. Then I did the same thing with  my dog my fav food and my fav thing. Then I pressed yes and the wow

soud effect played. It started with the normal thing in Earthbound but insted of a mediore it was a warp star. I played as ness and went outside. I went to talk to pokey but pokey was missing and so was missing. There was only picky who 

I talked to. He only said japanese then he completley vaniashed. I went to the warp star, Then all of the sudden 

Ness began to ride the warp star and after a cutscean of ness riding the warp star. Ness landed on a place witch was rainbow route and the music was from kiryb and the amazing mirror. i decided to go in a mirror. It was the normal area

exect it is over view. Also the land was full of waddle doos, chips, scarfys, And then.. I saw kirby. Then kirby ran towards Ness and there was a boss fight. It was very easy. Then i got kirby on my team. after a few hours of playing 

Something unexpected happen. When I got all of my party members and went to the final boss. The final boss was

Gygias and Nightmare. Then i eventually got a game over but the game over screen was a black background with

japanese text witch is suposed to say game over. But then the text turned red and began to drip blood. Then staic went on the tv. Then there was 2 quik flashes of devil kirby and ness with dark skin and empty sockets. Then the title screen popped up. Ness and Kirby were completley missing and the text was diffrent. when i pressed start there was red static then my save file ws glitched up as fuck and every time i choose it it freezes and then it deleted by itself. So i choosed a new file and it completly skipped the name your thingie. It started right at rainbow route. And rainbow route only had 2 colors red and black.and all of the mirrors were cracked with blood comming out.Then a

deformed ness and devil kirby popped behind up behind meta knight, king deedee, and waddle dee. Then the defromed

ness and devil kirby murder The 3 charecters by ripping there  heads and tearing out there organs and buring there bodies. Then the screen went black. Then devil kirby appered saying something in japanese before eating the camera and killing the camera pepole with loud screams. Then it began to show videos from owls staring at the camera to animals getting killed brutally. Then ness said something in japanese in the background. Then it flashed images of dead bodies. Then the game popped out and the game broke to pieaces. Sorry my grammar is shit but anyways i was happy the game broke by itself for some reason.

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