Marina is just a normal girl at the age of twelve, but the different thing about her is that she has the ability of seeing ghosts, ever since she was born. Her family members thinks she is crazy because of her schizophrenia and she is just seeing things. Nobody ever understands her.

Marina and her family was moving into a new town called Dark Cove Lake and the reason they moved is because her mom got a job here in the gloomy neighborhood. She moved with her mother, her brother, Drew and her best friend, Mary, who is currently staying in the Chitosan's residence because she was the only child of a couple who died in a car crash and only Mary was the only one who survived the car crash. She was staying in Marina's family because she got nowhere to go or anyone to take care of her.

Marina was done preparing her room and lie down face-first onto her bed, then she turn her body around to face the ceiling. "Why do I have to move into this neighborhood, it's no fair." She put her arm over her eyes and started crying. "I...I have friend back at Canada, w-why do I have to moved at the gloomy side of America b-because my mom have a job...Why?" Her crying was heard when her friend, Mary comes into the room.

"Marina, I got you some food." She placed it on Marina's desk. "I can hear your crying down the hall, something's the matter?" The blonde-haired girl feels concerned for her friend.

"Why do I-I mean why do WE have to move here? I missed my friends from Canada, and I can't get their smiles out of my head. What should I do, Mary?" The green-haired heroine needed a answer.

"Well, Marina, we'll have to get used to the environment, at least there is a store from 30 blocks away, we can walk by foot. Don't worry, Marina, smile!"

Mary's grin made Marina feel like she isn't alone anyone. At least she got her friend, Mary to be with her no matter if it's ups or downs, she'll be right beside her. Marina wipes her tears and got up and was surprised when a plush duck was right at her face. She screamed and fell down bottom-first. Mary showed her the plush duck to give her a surprising fun scare but didn't turned out well. She didn't expect her friend to freak out over a plush doll.

"Are you okay?" Mary asked.

"I'm fine..." Marina took deep breaths as she experiencing something thrilling. She started laughing and Mary joins in on the laugh. They continue laughing a few minutes, they stopped laughing.

"Let me help you get up back on your feet." Mary said as she lends out her hand.

"Thanks!" Marina grabs her hand and the blonde one pulls her back up on her feet. They went downstairs to eat lunch. After a couple of hours, Mary was sleeping in her bed. Marina was watching a horror movie with her brother, Drew. 

The movie was called The Shredder, the movie begins with a teen boy going inside the haunted house to stay in until the fog has cleared, then he finds a key from under the rug. He went upstairs and finds a dark room after a voice whispered to him to go inside. He listens to the voice and agrees to go inside the room, the monster comes out of the room chasing the boy. He runs downstairs to the kitchen to find a sharp weapon which is a knife. He uses it to defend himself and run upstairs to the washroom and locked the door. The monster was knocking the door hard to scare the boy into coming out. Suddenly, the banging stops and wonders if the monster left. He opened the door with a knife in hand but sadly the monster came and chop his body parts into several pieces. The movie ended with a jumpscare.

Marina headed back to her room where Mary is sleeping. She looks at the window and them saw the creepy monster that looks like the one from the movie she watches with her older brother staring at her through her window. Marina screams and woke up Mary, who was frigthen.

"Ma-Marina, is something the matter?"

"There's a monster at the door!"

Mary look at the window and nobody was there. Mary thought she was just imagining things and went back to bed.

"Mary, don't sleep. It's actually there." Marina says as she is pointing out the window.

"You're just imagining things..."

"I swear it's here."

"Marina, cut it out! Can you see I need to sleep?! Leave me alone!"

Mary shuts her eyes and sleeps. Marina swears she saw the monster staring at her but she went back to bed still creep out of what she just saw but shooks her head to snap out of it and closes her eyes to sleep.

The next day Marina was awake by the sun rays beaming at her eyes. She stretches her arms, then she got out of the bed to brush her teeth, she washes her face with cold water to wake her up. She went to her closet and change from her pajamas to her signature outfit.

A dark green dress that reaches below her tights and has long sleeve that are folded at the end of the sleeve that folded are white with gold buttons on the side of the white folds, thigh-high black stockings that has a white symbol swirl at the end has a wavy point at the end and green shoes.

She went downstairs to make breakfast. Drew was eating food, while her mom is making breakfast for her family. Marina puts one toast in the toaster because she thought she was late. After the toast pops out of the toaster, she grabs the toast and spreads jam on it and puts it in her mouth to hold the bread in case it falls.

"Where's Mary?" Marina asked her mother.

"She left early."

She puts her lunch in her backpack and run out of the door waving bye to her family and running as fast as she can to catch up to Mary with toast in her mouth. (A typical anime girl, I guess.) She continues running fast until she sees long blonde hair with pink bows in her hair. It's Mary! Marina was happy to see her.

"Mary! Wait up!" Marina yelled while waving her arm to get the blonde girl to notice her.

"Marina!" Mary gasped.

"Why didn't you wake me up? We have to stay together because what happen if a bad guy kidnaps you?" The green-haired girl asked.

"Don't blame me, you're too slow. Most of all, you're a deep sleeper and second of all, you're always late, no matter how many times I wake you up." Mary explains.

"Fine, I'll wake up early. I promise."

The two girls look at the clock in their phone, they are five minutes left until the bell rings. This caught the girls by surprised, they ran faster until they see their school by five blocks. Dark Cove middle school, the sign says on the school building.

They check on the board outside in a herd of middle school students lining up, the orange triangles that builders used on the roads are lined up, there is a number and a letter after it like for example: 1-A, 1-B, 1-C, 1-D etc until it stops at 1-E, then 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 repeat the same formula.

She and Mary thought they are going to be in the same class but sadly, they are in different classes. Marina in Class 1-A and Mary in Class 1-B, even though their classes are next to each other in the first floor, they aren't in the same class anymore like elementary school or grade 6.

The classes goes inside the school and went into their assigned classes. Marina went to her new assigned classroom and sit in her assigned seats. Her desk was in the fourth row beside the window. 

Anime reference much, she thought. 

The boy sitting in front of her was shy and doesn't speak that much, then Marina saw a girl with brown hair and red eyes giving her a emotionless stare after being stared at when reading a horror book.

"Um, what's your name?" She asked the emotionless girl.

"...Izzy." She said after a long three second pause.

Guess this girl doesn't talk that much, Marina  sees if they are other student she can talk to. Someone was shouting at her from her right. 

She turn around to see what was the noise coming from. It was another student is sitting besides her. She has blue long hair held up in a ponytail and sapphire eyes. She wears a sport outfit, maybe she's a athlete of some sort. She is trying to get Marina's attention.

"Who are you?" She asked.

"My name is Aoi, I'm a athlete. The blue-haired girl replied. "Nice to meet you." 

"Nice to meet you,too."

Marina can tell that Aoi is a lot more talkative than Izzy. She is part of the school's track team. In the race, she is known as the 'blue streak' because of her flashy blue hair and her speed. Before she could continue the conversation, the bell rings.

The teacher comes in, he was a handsome teacher who looks like he is in his 30s. He is holding a folder containing the names of the students. He started doing role-call naming the students while they are saying 'here'. After the role-call, he told the students that a new student has come in from Hallow Town. Here what he has to said:

"Students, we have a new kid coming in our class, her name is Marina Chitosan. She has moved from Hallow Town to Dark Cove Lake."

Marina hates being the new kid because she has to be put in the pressure of her classmates starring at her with their bolting eyes, and it makes her feel nervous and her mind goes blank. She got up and takes shivering steps to the chalkboard and writes her name

"M-My name is M-Marina Ch-Chitosan, i-it's I-I hope we get along."

The students is greeting Marina and giving her a warm welcome. She felt happy and sit back down at her seat feeling hopeful for the school year. 

After school ended, Marina puts her work in her bag and walk home when she saw her two friends waiting for her. It was Izzy and Aoi, those two girls that Marina befriended. They walk home together and started to have a conversation.

"Who is she?" Aoi asked Marina while looking at Izzy.

"This is Izzy, she is kinda of a bookworm, and Izzy, this is Aoi." Marina helps introduce Izzy and Aoi to each other.

"I'm guessing you're the 'Blue Streak' of Dark Cove middle school." Izzy talks to Aoi

"How do you know?" 

"I saw you winning a race in elementary school." 

"So, you know me." 

"Izzy, how do you know Aoi, even though I just introduce to her to you." Marina asked Izzy.

"I know her from our elementary school, it's just that I never get to talk to her or be in the same class as her."


"Hey, Marina." Aoi said."I heard from another student that there is a haunted house a couple blocks away from the school." 

"Wait a minute, there's a haunted house?" Marina asked.

"Yeah." Izzy answered. "The last kid who went inside the house was also a new kid, once he went inside, he never got out again. People says there is a monster who lived in that house just like the monster from The Shredder, but it just a rumor. If you watched the movie, you'll know."

"Well, I watched that movie."

"You did?!" Aoi gasped.

"Well, I was watching that movie with my older brother."

There was silence then Aoi puts her arms on her head and continues walking like that.

Another anime reference yet again, Marina thought. Guess, she watches too much anime. "I'm going to that haunted house."

That statement shocked both Aoi and Izzy. They were just starring at her with a surpised look on her face. Marina have a serious look on her face, she is determined to investigate the haunted house. 

"I'm going to find out what's going on, and prove it to you guys that there is no monster in the house."

"Are you sure?" Izzy asked.

"I'm sure."

"Hey, wait. I was kidding, you don't have to go inside the house. I mean, what happen if there is a monster in the haunted house."

"Aoi, it's just rumors, and I'm going to prove them wrong."

"Marina...good luck!" Aoi gives her a thumbs up.

"Marina, make sure you come out alive." Izzy gives her a charm for luck. They waved bye to Marina and went home.

After going into their separate ways, she stopped to see a abandoned house. She wonders what's inside? She thought it is a trap and ignore it and walk away as fast as she can, then she stopped and have a flashback to where her brother thinks, then when the time Aoi dared her to go into the haunted house to face her fear. So, she look both ways to make sure the road is safe. She decided to face her fear of horror, so she won't be a scary-cat anymore. She jaywalked her way to the abandoned house.

She have a bad feeling about entering the house. Why she decided to come here, of course she got the answer to prove that the rumor is false. She doesn't know what mystery that will come to her soon. Using all her strength and her courage, she opened the door to the house.

What she saw looks like the inside of the haunted house from horror movies. The rug was ragged and shredded, the windows are dusty and blurry, curtains are also shredded and what appears to be blood on the curtain. There are stairs that leads to upstairs then it stops to have two stairs, one on the left and other on the right.

She guess that there are two stairs that leads to different directions with different rooms then there is a hallway that goes across the two hallways linking together in the room like a balcony just in case you don't have to go to stairs to head to the other side. Marina walk on the rug and there's a short clingy sound of a chime like something shiny was dropped on the ground. Marina moved the rug to find out there is a rusty key. She kept it in case of emergencies.

She thinks heading up the stairs would be a smarter idea because going downstairs there would be a monster lurking around downstairs as she heard from horror movies that monsters started chasing the protagonist downstairs. As she goes upstairs, she looks at the house. If feels like her home but different.

She starting to feel really pumped up when she looks at the rooms, she felt like a protagonist in a RPG game searching in every rooms, there's a master bedroom, a normal bedroom, a bathroom and the music room at the right hallway, but as right as she tried to check the rooms to the left, she heard something from the left side of the hallway to the near room to the left. A creaking sound was made when a door in dark room opens by itself.

"Coome inn~" The voice says it in a singsong tone. It creep her out, and it also happen to the boy in the movie. Do she have to listen to voice or ignores it? Out of curiosity, she did what the voice says, and went inside the room. The door made the creaking sound again as it closes the door shut. She sees nothing but darkness, her eyes started glowing green as she saw a face with a creepy smile.

It has one eye because its other eye is missing, and his smile is stretching high with normal teeth that of a human being. The eye was red on the outer parts with yellow eye color glowing in the dark. She ran out of the room and closed the door and lock it with a rusty key she found under the rug.

Banging sounds are heard from the other side, Marina backed away from the door with a scared look on her face with tears in her eyes knowing that she is going to die. She ran downstairs to find a weapon to kill the monster. She grabs a machete lying on the counter just like how the boy finds a knife in the kitchen, but there are no knives. "Who keeps a machete lying on the counter." She thought as she took the weapon.

She went back upstairs to check on the monster and saw that the wooden door that is holding off the monster was shredded holes that looked like claws caused the accident. She turn around seeing the monster heading towards her,but it wasn't running or walking slow like a zombie. It was spin around like Kiba's Beast Human Clone move coming towards her. She run as fast as she can and headed to the bathroom and locked the door behind her. She throw some salt at the front of the door unlike the boy in the movie.

Marina sat down and started whimpering about the end of her life and started to think that committing suicide with her machete at her neck and split it open, but she stopped before picking her up her machete, she heard the banging at the door. Marina's pupil went small after hearing the banging on the door. "No..." She whimpered. "This can't be happening...NO!" The banging at the door continues and continues. She started crying and shouting go away at the monster banging the door but it continues.

She tries to calm herself but repeatedly saying "Don't go insane" multiple times that she lost count. Tears started flowing like two waterfalls on her cheeks. After a bunch of banging, she thought that 'this is enough' and she is totally done with this shit. She grabs the machete right besides her and hold onto the handle of the door and then she started counting.

"One...Two...THREE!" She opens the door fast that the monster didn't predict her move and she lunged at him stabbing him in the gut with the machete. She continually stabbing the monster by moving her hand up and slashing him down with her weapon.

She was smiling, her grin grew more and more as she keeps slashing the body, blood started to splashed at her cheeks and her dress. She stopped and looked at the dead body with a creepy grin on her face. Her grin turns into a sad frown when something sharp is piecing her.

She realize the monster is still alive after taking so much stabbings from her machette. She looked down to see the nail that belong in the monster putting its blood inside her. Marina was trying to pull it out but it won't budge. The nail was like a vacince that injecting its blood inside her. The only way to get the nail off of her is to cut her gut.

The green-haired girl screamed as she stab her gut in order to get the nail out of her. She was crying from the pain, but she started to smile and then laugh hysterically as she stabs her gut repeatably. She continues stabbing herself laughing then she loses her strength and fell to the ground then she got up laughing. She pulled the monster's nail out of her gut.

She holds onto her wound as she tries to walk out of the room and try to go downstairs. She was laughing uncontrollably. She fell down the stairs and trying to find a first aid kit. "What's wrong with me? Why am I laughing? Why am I bleeding? Why did I stab myself?" Multiple questions flowing inside her head as she hide behind a wall in the downstairs hallway. She doesn't have enough strength to keep going and sat down.

She heard a voice, it was a similar voice that she heard upstairs. This time, it's talking to her.




"Who do you want me to kill?!" She didn't believed she said that. It just slipped out of her mouth. She never said the word 'Kill' before.


"You want me to kill friend..." Marina stuttered with a surprised look on her face.

The monster that attacked her appeared. "Kill...Mary..."

"NO! I can't...she's my friend..."

"If you don't do it...I will..."

Marina's head feels like it's going to explode. She hold her head screaming, the pain doesn't seem to go away. The monster's blood was flowing into her veins. Her eyes started to slowly turn into red and there is red liquid coming out of her eyes. The pain feels like a headache and a migraine mixed together. She then cough out what looks like blood from her screaming.

"G-get out..."

"What do you mean, human?" It replies.


She holds her head from the pain she is experiencing, her vision is becoming blurry until she sees nothing but red.


Her eyes becomes completely red with red liquid dripping out of her eyes. She wears a sadistic happy expression on her face. She picks up her machette and waited for her target. The monster tooked full control of Marina and using her for its commands.

Mary, Marina's friend started knocking at her friend's door after being sent to go to do the shopping . Marina's mom opened the door worried. Mary wonders what's wrong with her.

"Where's Marina?"Marina's mom asked.

Her brother,Drew answered saying that Marina went inside a abandoned house after being a witness seeing her going to the house. Marina's mom told Mary to go to the house and find Marina. She agrees and went to the abandoned house.

When Mary is here, she knocked the door. She was shivering because she was a scary-cat the door started to automatically opens. "Ahhh!" Mary screams. She stopped screaming and went inside quietly. She looks around for Marina and started to shout her name. "Marina!" She shouted,so Marina can hear it. "MARINA!" She shout louder until she heard a voice that she is familiar with.

"Maaarry..." Marina says. She was hiding in a wall, because she doesn't want Mary to see her in a bad state. "Marina, don't be shy...we're friends, right?..." She asked.

"I guess so." The green-haired girl said. "Sorry, Mary, but..."

"But, what?" She wonders.

"Come over, here...I'll have to kill you..." Marina says as she shows herself bleeding in the gut with blood dripping out of her gut. Red liquid also coming out of her eyes like tears and Marina's eyes are red instead of green. She was controlled by the monster to kill anyone who has entered the abandoned house.

She charged at her friend, Mary tried to run away, but Marina killed her in the process. Mary fell down on her back bleeding to death while the green-haired psycho laughs crazily. The blonde girl was lying down with blood bleeding out of her body.

"Hahahahahahaha! Yes, bleed to death for all I care. Hahahahaha!"

Marina continues to laugh until she ran out of blood to bleed and passed out lying in the ground next to her former friend, Mary. They can finally died together. The monster's blood bleed out of her and stopped controlling her, these two friends lying together is best thing Marina hoped for. Her red eyes slowly turned back to green as she hold her best friend hand.

"I'm sorry, Mary. I was such a idiot for letting a monster controlled me. I'm a horrible friend, all I wanted was to be close to you, Mary. I love you as a friend, but I love you more than a are like a little sister to me. Please forgive me, Mary."

Mary opens her eyes, starring at Marina with her tired dead eyes and hold her hands tightly. "Stop, please's not...your fault...I don't...blame are still my best matter what...I'll never blame's the monster's fault...not yours...I...forgive you...Thank you," She closes her eyes and died.

Marina cried her last tears, she couldn't handle the fact that she killed her best friend, Mary. It was all her fault, everything...She was the one to blame, not the monster but her because she couldn't fight the monster's control.

"NO! ...I'm so sorry, Mary..." The green-haired heroine coughed out blood before finishing her sentence.

"I...hated myself for this, and for that,...I'm a terrible friend, but I wanted know that...I...I love you,...Mar...ry...Now, we can be...together...forever..."

Those were the last words of Marina before she closed her eyes and died with Mary, together in the abandoned house...


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