Today I made some Pasta for lunch, it was fairly normal. I poured the pasta from the can and threw it in a bowl and put it in the microwave for a couple of minutes. Done! I brang it to the table and began eating, something was off... It, just tasted wrong... Who gives a damn? I ate the whole thing! I continued my day like normal until I realised, in the bowl, was bones. The heck? Tescos? Why is a bone in my pasta? Who cares... Anyway, I went to have a nap and saw something out the corner of my eyes, pasta, it was sitting on the floor. I picked it up and threw it away. I shut my eyes... When I woke up pasta and tamato sauce was everywhere! Yeah... Thats not normal, it was probably a glitch in the matrix so I went and watched TV. Somethings off. Why is every channel about cooking pasta? I decided to make more pasta to eat. Im becoming addicted to it. I depend on my pasta, even if it looks rotten. Its refilling for free. Few days later I sold the house. Living on the street I see pasta on the floor, why? Nobody else cares, pasta, pasta, pasta! Someone notice! But I realised, the pasta has blood, not tomato sauce so I sued Tescos and won 1 million dollars, but, problem is pasta I see everywhere. I see men made of pasta. My bed is made of pasta. I look in the mirror and i'm pasta. Everyones pasta. Pasta is made of pasta. Someone buy a tin of pasta and keep the curse to them. Im not into seeing my freinds as pasta.

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