Enjoy the riveting tale of a man obsessed with skin.

At first everything seem normal, but as time passed by
I noticed it started to look at me constantly. In my bed, the shower,
the kitchen. Every passage of the house it would just follow me.
Years passed, but it wouldn't leave. The shift worker told me "It is best
to throw it in the dumpster", but I disagreed I just couldn't. The years we
spent together. The years it took me to dress it and place strings on it.
I just couldn't throw those years out in the dumpster.
Occasionally the neighbors would argue about the putrid burning smell in my backyard.
The police came many times, but I showed them I had nothing to hide. So they just dismissed
the constant calls from the neighbors.
On weekends my wife and I usually went to the coast to enjoy the breeze, and reminiscence
about the good times of this land. She's always been the quiet type. Her constant
smile is what I liked, but her bed is what I loved the most. It had a nice
door so the sunshine wouldn't shine in her face. Every so often I would sleep with her
in that cozy space. Saturday came, and I had invited some friends over; I opened the door
only to be pushed by  Gibbs; he was always the football-jock type, then came Gibb's brother who
was kind of a mouse potato. So many people came and went that I lost tracked of who was who. You could say I was never good with keeping tabs.
Hoping for the better I just scracth it off my head and kept in the  conversation I was carrying with Alysse. I just couldn't stop looking at that smooth skin of hers,
and that luscious  golden hair. As the party ended I asked Alysse if she was willing to hang out next Saturday.
As Saturday approached I suited in my best clothes.Alysse was there waiting outside my door. After all,
no need for an car when this community house's are closer than a blackhole. After an good time at the theater
I decided to put Alysse in the bedroom. She made such a wondrous mannequin.

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